Resource for Buying Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are the most durable and well-built structures in the world. They have the strength to withstand storage, shipment, and handling. For many years, they survive the heavy abuse of ocean travel, the pressure of loading and offloading, and consistent movement. Whether you are planning to use them for general storage, housing, or to ship or transport goods, the structural integrity of the new or modified shipping containers secures your content and makes saving space simple.

How are shipping containers made?

Shipping containers are made from steel or aluminum, but in some cases, a fiber-reinforced polymer may be used in combination with aluminum or steel. First, a big piece of steel is cut into several smaller panels and sandblasted and primed to remove dust and other contaminants. The steel panels are then corrugated, measured, and cut into adequate sizes to give the panel sufficient strength. These panels are then welded onto reinforced steel beams, which will form part of the undercarriage of the container. The wall panels are welded together, and square tubing is then welded to the top of the walls.

From this point, the floor and the doors are installed. The floor is reinforced with wood that has been treated to prevent insect infestation. The whole container is then carefully painted to protect it from water damage. Lastly, the doors are fitted with rubber seals to make the container completely waterproof. This process results in a stable, durable, and waterproof structure that can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

How to obtain shipping containers?

Depending on how you plan to use the container and the availability of the container in your local area, there are varieties of choices are available. Steel shipping containers come in a range of dimensions and sizes. Extra tall ones are called high-cube and are available at 9 ½ feet high, and the 20 feet container has a capacity of 33.1m3.

Anyone can purchase a container and turn them into schools, malls, restaurants, offices, houses, swimming pools. However, you need to determine whether you want to buy a new or used container from a distributor similar to the Shipping Container Sale website for information on shipping containers. New containers are un-used but come at a relatively higher price of $2,500-$5,000, depending on where you buy it from and the size/style. Used container, on the other hand, can be purchased for anywhere from $800-$2,000 and are widely available. At any point in time, approximately 6 million of used containers are traveling across the ocean- leaving about 14 and 19 million at a port, unused.

If you reside near a port, it will be easier to find a shipping container. However, you can purchase or hire a shipping container readily from dealers in your area of the locality by using the internet to search for reputable dealers. Hiring may be preferred if you intend to only use the container for storage for short a period. Alternatively, you can visit e-commerce websites such as eBay or Amazon.

The five Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used extensively in the shipping industry to transport cargo. However, just as valuable as they are in their area of business, these useful equipment are now recycled and used in several creative ways outside the industry. Here are innovative uses of shipping Containers:

Used for housing

The use of shipping containers as houses has started to gain popularity all over the world. One would argue that the normal contraction of houses using concrete and wood has become monotonous and steel containers offer an exciting new way to build your home. The advantage of using steel containers to construct houses is that it conserves the environment by reducing the number of trees that need to be cut for construction purposes. The amount of time it takes to set up a container house is far much less than building a house from the ground, and are relatively cheaper since there is a minimal new material that is required. Besides, container houses are made from recycled containers that would otherwise be lying idle in some port.

Mobile urban garden

Mobile gardens promote sustainable living by providing fresh organic farm produce. Preferably, people are adjoining these container gardens with restaurants to sell food that has been harvested fresh and with all the nutrients. This provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the whole life cycle of the food they are eating.

Used as Animal Barn

Just as you may live comfortably in a shipping container, transforming it into a barn for your animals is not such a bad idea either. Shipping containers are large enough for the animals to turn freely when inside. Also, the use of shipping containers can make the transportation of farm animals particularly horses easier. Thus, we can comfortably agree that building a stable or animal shelter from a shipping container is an excellent idea if you are looking to create an inexpensive, durable, mobile solution for your farm or ranch.

In-ground swimming pools

Shipping containers may also be used as above the underground swimming pools. With the appropriate adjustments, you can creatively design your shipping container pool to fit your needs. Also, you can attach a number of them to increase the length of your pool. Constructing your swimming pool using a steel container is notably easier and less expensive if you are planning to build a large swimming pool especially. However, before you embark on construction, you need to get permission from your local council, who mostly come to investigate any regulations regarding depth and fencing. You may also want to involve a structural engineer to ensure that your pool can handle all the extra weight.

Storage unit when renovating your house

Converting your shipping container into a storage unit is a good idea mainly when you need temporary storage space. It may prove cheaper to use a shipping container to put all your belongings than renting another house. Containers are secure and tamper-proof because they are entirely made of steel and have no weak entry points. Additionally, containers are water-proof and also resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Bottom line

Containers have existed for only 50 years, but have revolutionized how people transport, store goods, and build houses and other vital structures. Steel storage containers can easily be refurbished and repurposed even after being used for many years. Made from steel and other sturdy material, they that are highly secure and strong. Therefore, you can use them for storing valuable and expensive goods or for housing, without the worry of break-ins or being exposed to insecurity, infestation, or weather elements.…

Drug Testing Tips

Hair Follicle Tests 

If you are required to take a hair follicle test, the tips listed above are not going to work. Hair follicle tests are used to test for marijuana use. When you use marijuana, a chemical called THC passes through your bloodstream and stays in your system. Not only will it show up in your urine, but it will also show up in your hair. TCH can remain in your hair for 60 to 90 days. For everyone it is different. The length of time depends on how much marijuana you smoke, the strength of the strain that you have been smoking, the speed of your metabolism, your diet, and how much you sweat.  

When you are given a hair follicle test, the technician will take a small sample of your hair. Typically, it takes about three clumps of hair that contain 50 strands. If you are completely bald, the tech will take samples for the hair in other parts of your body.  

If you have used marijuana in the last 90 days, there is a good chance that you are going to fail the test. You may be asking yourself, will fake pee pass a drug test and how do I review it? You will be able to find out more information on that from other websites

Tip #1: Detox Your Body and Wait: If you are going to pass your drug test, you will need to flush all of the toxins from your body. When the toxins in your body are gone, it won’t be long before your hair shaft is clean as well. If you have prior notice of your test, you should start flushing your body and detoxing as soon as you find out about the test. After about three months, your hair should have grown at least a half inch. This will be enough to pass the test. Unfortunately, most people don’t get three months notice before a drug test. If you don’t have this amount of time, there are a few other methods you can try.  

Tip #2: Use A Detoxification Shampoo: Several shampoos on the market will not only remove the metabolites from your hair, but it will also remove the old layer from your scalp. Best of all, these products won’t do any damage to your hair. When you use a detoxification shampoo, it will penetrate to the inner shaft of your hair, and all the toxins will be flushed out. You can find detoxification shampoos on websites to help you pass a hair follicle test. You can also use shampoos that contain aloe or just straight aloe, Nexxus, and Rid or any other type of lice shampoo.